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Some jokes, every relaxed music once Empty Some jokes, every relaxed music once

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Some jokes, every relaxed music once

1 have a soldier armour after coming home every day in the dream Shouting: jen! I cannot leave you! Asked Mrs. Who is Jane, armour say is his horse. A few days later wife slipped armour letter: your horse write to you!

2 wife: do you remember in February last year, you said you go fishing this matter? Husband: sure, what is it? Wife: morning call of a fish, says you have when dad!

3 I was arrested and they forced me confession. Before they hit me I didn't recruit, The next day for me LaJiaoShui also didn't recruit irrigation, The third day a woman coax I confess, the fourth day I also want to recruit, dragged out to shoot.

4 a woman in the stomach, when the doctor ask her to the pants off. Push several times have no reaction, the doctor impatient: there are many people queuing, hurry! Women's desire language also confounded: you... First you take off!

5 man: I really love you, but a young lady was pregnant, not that I do. Wife: I believe absolutely not you, you carefully look at our children, which points like you?

6 some leadership do study thunder feng spirit report when read draft yue: lei feng did not die! (laughter) secretary aside quietly hint: and spirit, and spirit! Leadership then way: still spirit!

7 a woman with a cheque to the bank to cash. Teller: can you prove yourself? Woman listenned to a puzzled, took out a mirror took as, answer: right! Is I am!

8 the judge: you claimed that the defendant from your socks stole the money? Girl: yes, sir. Judge: why don't you resist? Girl red face answer: I don't know he is to steal my money.

9 a: I want to remind you that my husband after an hour will come back. B: I didn't do rude things ah. A: I know. If you want to do some words, only less than an hour.

10 a: your wife a row last night? B: yes, she on dogs of temper. A: poor dog! I seem to hear your wife even threatened to take it into the door keys!

11 Rena failed to pregnancy, then go to church to pray. A year later, she really gave birth to a son. A friend that after also want to try, Rena says: sure, as long as the young porter is still there.

12 mountain, female bears to capture the hunter. Victory is won, the hunter lost, bears hekun! Hugh days fight again, be crafty! Injured finish, farther, bears the laughing of: you see is * *, to hunt or prostitution?

13 a lady illiterate, but forecasters every day will listen. One day when eating ask family: I have a question to ask, areas in what place? There almost every day have rain.

14 the peasant into the city QiaoBing, the nurse said to him: go to! Blood tests urinalysis check shit! While the old farmer carry excrement back to say: the girl, blood, urine is gulped gulped, this shit really swallow!

15 two peasant children in chat, A suddenly ask: your cows would smoke? B: are you crazy? Cow why smoking? A: oh, well, perhaps your bullpen was on fire.

16 the toilet in front of a long line. MouJun: I am almost couldn't contain, can't let me advanced? The people in front of clutching his fist and the prey from his teeth son extrusion word: * * *, at least you can talk!

17 a drunkard immodesty drop down from the third floor, drew passers-by view, a police come over to ask: what happened? The drunk answer: not clear, I am just arrived!

18 two female employee lunch chat. A: the new chairman is handsome, dressed and decent. B: I agree, and clothes wear faster?

19 patient: I entered listen to nurse say 'brave, don't be afraid! Appendix out is very simple. "Doctor: say well. P: but she's right to give my surgery doctor says!

20 passenger: you the driver to drive the speed and amazing, but rarely accident, what reason is this? The driver said: sir, technology is not high driver early in the car accident died.

21 a sick in on operation seat ask a doctor: once the surgical failures so that you will be punished? The doctor answer: I will be deducted January bonus. But don't worry, I'm just earned SiQianKuai!

22 a just finished amputation wake up patient asked: what's wrong with me? Doctor: you met a traffic accident. Patient: I was in the hospital? The doctor says: precisely, is your most in hospital.

23 XiaoGuang work-study, daytime cut pork, evening to hospitals. One night he pushed a severe woman enter operating room, the old lady exclaim: are you kill pig! You want to push me to which? Help!

24 colleagues have kidney stone rest at home, 4 years old son asks what is kidney stones, he said is pee from time to tome stones out, his son anxiously say: daddy you pee sidetracked when your feet, don't hit!

25 sentry took a cucumber beside voracious, mother saw after the sentry said: cucumber buttock cannot eat! Stick immediately answer way: it will move bowels?

26 a company to make pet telephone survey and answer the phone is only a child. City adjustable member: kid, you home keep puppy cat or birds? Kid: no, my mother bore me a!

27 "mom I can wear bra?" "No!" "But sister 13 wear!" "That I can use health cotton?" "No, you this stupid son!"

28 bachelor pony pick up to a handkerchief embroidered above the sieng and telephone number, ponies excitedly dial the telephone: hello! Excuse me, miss sieng in? For a long time, there was a voice: grandma, your phone!

29 brothers talked about what for object, brother said: the most beautiful younger sister, I find her to be a wife. Father heard later, beat the younger a slap. The first son said: call you and dad struggle! No use!

30 foolish see a man sitting on QiYouTong trembling, over and said: dude, to help? Men shake to say: no, these things have I smoking one.


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