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Need a new-baked jokes Empty Need a new-baked jokes

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Need a new-baked jokes

1. A farmer hurry donkey donkey city, the red light, punish 10 yuan. The old farmer drank donkey: "do you think you are military convoys! Red also dares to rush." Not take steps, donkeys and knocked off a walk, compensate 200 yuan. The old farmer more spirit: "do you think you are? Want to lift commerce city whose vendor who will lift the amortize." The peasant led the donkey go home, pass by a piece of grass, grass, and asses chew penalty was 30 yuan. The old farmer gas extremely, scold a way: "do you think you are JianZhaTuan countryside yao, wherever eat where!" The old farmer scold after going to the river water, hold the donkey donkey but can be launched obstinate temper, Yang neck don't drink. The old farmer fire: "do you think you are big style ah, don't miss accompany will not drink." The donkey turned and ran away, the shore bask in a fishing net, and breaking the, fisherman claim 500 yuan. The old farmer tears word "you think this is China telecom yao, Internet access to spend so much money." The donkey turned and kicked the old farmer a feet, the old reluctantly scold a way: "you think you are a group of Lord yao, want to play who kick who." The donkey spirit no attention to the peasant, and became very silent. The old farmer say: "you think this is in QQ group in ah, can all don't talk!

2. A beggar knock window say: give me point money.

The sir saw, say: take out smoke to you!

The mendicant say: I don't smoke and give me point money.

Sir say: my car have beer, and gave thee drink bottle bar.

The mendicant say: I don't drink and give me point money.

The sir say: that so, I take you to arrive mahjong, I pay, you come to wager, won is you.

The mendicant say: I don't gamble and give me point money.

The sir say: I take you to the sauna room enjoy "a dragon service", expenses I total package.

The mendicant say: I not piao prostitute and give me point money.

The sir say: that you get on the car, I take you to return, let my wife see: 1 don't smoke, don't drink, don't gamble, not piao prostitute of good man can mix what appearance!

3. Graduated from police of Mr Zhang married two years, total felling the wife some strange wives, suspected of having an affair. One day, Mr. Zhang always found his wife's cell phone with a stranger, but each SMS messages of the content is the same, "torre ZhaoXiong you helped me do something about it." !

At night, Mr. Zhang every will resemble wife and that is the man lay capture.

Mr. Zhang to lambaste: looks domn upon me, you think that message I don't understand? Topsy-turvy read is "hq at me help you take off bra

4. The Dragon Boat Festival tortoise want to buy zongzi, let the snail dumplings. It took two hours, snail hasn't come back, the tortoise nasty scold a way: his mama don't come back Lao tze starved! Then came the snail's voice outside: you his mama say Lao tze not to go!

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