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Cold jokes daqo

NO. 1:

A fat man from the 12th floor fell off - result become, dead fat!

NO. 2:

A sugar at the North Pole, walk, think he cold, -- hence became ice-sugar.

NO. 3:

Mother from the kindergarten a daughter, on the way home q: "today what the teacher teaches English?" The daughter said: "great Sprite." Mother scratching their heads, the next to the kindergarten asked the teacher, the teacher say: "yesterday teach of capital" B "."

NO. 4:

Two banana tandem come shopping, walk front of the banana felt hot, hence take off clothes, result do you guess how the - behind the banana offended.

NO. 5:

A black cat put a white cat from the river saved, you know then that white to black cat said what? It said: "meow --"

NO. 6:

Two tomato go shopping, a tomato suddenly walk fast, two tomato ask: we want to go where? A tomato has no answer, so two tomato asked again once. 1 again the tomato has no answer, so two tomato again asked once. A tomato finally slowly turned say: we are not tomatoes? We'll talk?

NO. 7:

Once upon a time, there was a steamed bread walk on the road, it suddenly walk ah go hungry... So he ate himself...

NO. 8:

A polar bear idle the boring, pulled his hair, a root, two root, three roots... All gone, polar bears face suddenly say: "I'm freezing!"

NO. 9:

Have a match and it to walk on the road, ah go, go! Go, go ah went on walking... It suddenly feel head itching, so it will nao nao nao nao ah, ah, nao nao nao nao ah ah ah... Then... Later it himself, finally caught fire consumed ~ ~ ~

NO. 10:

Have personal long like Onions, walk wept..

NO. 11:

There is a hide-and-seek association, their leader is still didn't find...

NO. 12:

Chen shui-bian when you will want to reunification? Buy instant noodles.

NO. 13:

[illegal images] xiao Ming new haircut, the second day came to the school, students saw his new hairstyle, say with smile: xiao Ming, your head shape like a kite! Small clear feel very grievance, just run out to cry. Cried and cried. He will fly up...

NO. 14:

An egg to teahouse tea, the result became chaxiedan, An egg run to the songhua river swimming, the result became SongHuaDan; One has an egg run to shandong, the result became guru (brine) eggs, An egg homeless, the result became wild egg! An egg in the road carelessly threw one hand in, he fell on the ground, the result to become a missile, An egg run to the somebody else yard, results into atomic bombs, An egg run to the qinghai-tibet plateau, the result became h-bomb, An egg was ill, they become bad, An egg to marry, the result became bastard, An egg run to swim in the river, the result became nukes, An egg run to flower go to, the result became actress, An egg riding on a horse, holding a knife, it turned out that he was DaoMaDan; An egg is female, long very ugly, result become dinosaur eggs, An egg...

NO. 15

Today to change driver's license, passing through a crossroads stop red light, the results have a mother back a child, front also carry a larger, traffic stopped... Police say: "this young lady, your child with no safety helmet also calculate, you how oneself also don't wear? Say so don't past!" Mother said: "the kid's so small cannot buy baa!!" Traffic police said: "but you yourself will bring!!" Mother said: "I took why, in case I children what is the matter, I also don't want to live!!"

NO. 16

Kirin fly into the arctic to become what??


Ice cream.

NO. 17

A Wolf came to the North Pole, accidentally dropped to Ross, brought up into a what?

.. Betelnut...

NO. 18

A senior like a school every day will meet the girl, but suffer from does not have access to.

1 tracking to a noodle shop girl, finally get up the courage to speak to her: "miss! You call what?"

Girl: "bolognese."

19 aubject.

Four people in the room playing mahjong, the police came, they took away five people and why?

Because they dozen people call mahjong.

NO. 20

Alone in the forest adventure,

Suddenly found myself being inundated with cannibals.

So on sky yell:

"I'm dead, god save me!"

See the sky appears to light

A voice from:

"Is not necessarily,

Again you picked up the ground a big,

To lead the sheik batter to death. "

He picked up a stone and earth's largest,

Mercilessly hit the emirates,

Just the emirates batter to death.

Clansman all stayed one stay,

Then glaring mutually,

Then heaven and there was a voice:

"Now you only really dead."

NO 21.

Insect insect: floret, did you use my pencil?

Floret: no, I didn't use.

Insect insect: you are true useless?

Floret: I am true useless!

Insect insect: alas, you be the 17th acknowledgement oneself useless person

The small English to xiao Ming borrowed pen, result xiao Ming not borrow.

The small English: borrow die oh...

So xiao Ming the pen lent the small English...

After a different meeting, xiao Ming dead...

NO. 22

One day, jack asked his father, "daddy, I whether foolish?" Dad said: "silly child, what would you be foolish?"

23 aubject.

One day a skeleton went to a pub, say to the bartender: give me a glass of beer and a mop...

NO. 24

One day the meat wrapped in met bananas.

Bananas for meat bag said: it's so hot! I want to take off my coat. Then the banana peel off.

Meat bag saw not fiddle also his leather things off,

Unexpectedly banana means the meat bag shout loudly:

Vivi ~ ~ shit!

NO. 25

The funny farm contain an old woman,

Everyday wear black clothes, with a black umbrella, squat down in front of the hospital.

The doctor think: want to heal her, must from understanding she began.

Then the doctor also wear black clothes, with a black umbrella, and she squat down over there.

The two wordless squatted for a month.

Finally, the old lady openings:

Excuse me...

You.. Also mushroom?

NO. 26

A day greedy puppy jumped at the table to find food, and found a chicken, positive desire eat,

The host suddenly shout loudly: if you dare to that chicken how, I to you how!

Hence the puppy licked once a chicken bottom.

NO. 27

Two dumpling is married.

Bridal chamber spends candle night, the groom seeing off guests return to bridal chamber, but found a meatball son lie on the bed,

He asked: "who are you? The bride where go to?"

The meatball son said shyly: "damn it, the somebody else took off clothes don't know somebody else."

28 aubject.

A man came to her girlfriend wrote love letters

In order to more strongly expressed his love, he in envelope painted many peach heart, but also with an arrow wear

Unfortunately, his girlfriend letter way: "what is behind the mutton string envelope mean?"

NO. 29

Small white, yellow, small blue ride the bus, who will carsick?

Answer: the small white, because of small white would vomit (rabbit)

NO. 30

One story, began to feel terror, intermediate odd, finally a bit sad!

Once there was a ghost (terrorist? , put fart (funny? And he died (very sentimental).


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