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1, why cartoon Tom and jerry mice than cat powerful?

Answer: the mouse must have tried spinach. (popeye blood spattered three feet..."

Because the film is the mouse write. (cats blood spattered three feet..."

2, why say "tiger bottom can not be touched"?

Answer: because touch a tiger bottom, once its tail jilt, will the people hand tossed up of, very painful.

The tiger's ass is too big.

Touch tiger bottom is not civilization. (earth) has its own auror exist...

3, how let mosquito does not bite us?

A: please keep in the doorway of a baby-sitter. (nanny blood spattered three feet..."

In body tu2 dian3's oil, mosquito pedal up will slide off.

The body tu2 dian3's glue, glue mosquito stick in the top.

Put "lullaby", mosquito go to bed, will not bite a person.

4, crabs, why would vomit bubble?

Answer: the crab is hot perspire.

It is hungry, is flow saliva.

5 and now, why not a dinosaur?

Answer: the once very big earthquake destroyed completely dinosaur.

The dinosaur shot a movie. (... so).

6, the small white rabbit why love to eat carrots?

Answer: because it's eyes are red.

Turnip nutritious.

Because of the small white rabbit can't afford meat. (rabbit blood spattered three feet..."

7, giraffe long neck what effect?

Answer: can see it's good friend.

Neck long gold necklace good-looking. (...)

This can peep farmer to grow vegetables.

8, if one day thered is no water, fish?

Answer: let stream of water in the sea, and put some salt becomes the sea. (understand seawater and freshwater distinction)

That fish learn on land breathing. (animal is a Tokyo evolutionary..."

9, birds tail what effect?

Answer: can cover butt. With the wrong () ah...

When dancing open good-looking.

10, squirrels tail have what use?

Answer: when quilt cover.

When the parachute.

Can sweep the floor.

As a pillow.

Man's knowledge

1, the kid's face is for?

Answer: my face can be used to wash my face. (beat to...)

No words of face, tongue, teeth, nose, eyes and mouth all wanted Lou in the outside.

Pare off old noodles skin.

My face is to grandpa grandmother knead.

2, why does not eggs hatch?

Answer: my mother is a person, not a chicken, so will give birth to a person, will not living an egg.

The chicken has a point mouth, people have no point mouth, we can't from the shell drill out.

The winged animal will be born from eggs. (this pour some truth.

My mother life is finished embraced out me.

3, why children from mother's belly be born, not from dad belly born?

Answer: male, female of the male child born girls.

Dad belly is beer, born children were drunk.

Father, mother had no access to maternity leave of maternity leave. Blood spattered (dad) three feet...

Dad is a male of, if give birth to a kid, will during childbirth. (father continued blood spattered three feet..."

Father living not to come of, because the grandmother didn't teach him.

4, who remember oneself at birth is what look like?

Answer: the head is small, like a ping-pong.

The hour hou is a light baldheaded, hair haven't grow out.

Small, like a thermos bottle the same.

The time that I living out climb ah climb.

5, the person's nose any use?

Answer: there is no nose can't smell out the food tastes, ate very strange.

No nose words, running nose hair and no place to live. (dismayed...)

No nose perfume can not sell off.

6, hair have what use?

Answer: winter won't be snow broken head.

Give the barber point to do. (barber blood spattered three feet..."

7, dad why want to shave?

Answer: the beard is long drink gruel inconvenient.

The beard is long his face would be painful.

The beard is long long will become hair.

My father didn't shave my mother doesn't like him. (father or blood spattered three feet..."

8 and if kids day became adults?

Answer: time flies, a short while later will have a meal, belly haven't digest?

If time passed very quickly, person's a son dead drop, so the world will nobody. (... well, good have foresight.

If bigger than father mother, how call father mother?

9 and when do people have four legs?

Answer: play the puppy.

Two people embrace together. (beat to...)

10, there is a way to make fat thin come down, let thin fat rise?

A: how was the boxing, fatty do target. (fatty blood spattered three feet..."

That fat man drink more water, belly will become a lot more, a press, thin. (fatty continue blood spattered three feet..."


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