Round his neck his mother yourself out of Angola goats white scarf

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Round his neck his mother yourself out of Angola goats white scarf  Empty Round his neck his mother yourself out of Angola goats white scarf

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On that day, after finish wen-yen go straight to the liberal arts ChuMei floor reading room, she with him such freezing rain about good going to town to the only comprehensive shopping malls. Astar has been two heavy snow, a long winter, if not using several nearby ski resort to workout, the day is difficult to send. ChuMei is set their hearts to teach freezing rain learn two ski slope and cross-country skills, so today to accompany him go to see the skis and snow shoes. For almost a quarter, still don't figure, the in the mind a little wonder, freezing rain doesn't like her, is very punctual. What's the matter? She is trying to call his bedroom, he would come. She was busy fold booth at the table homework, stand up quietly say: I thought you forgot to shout! And look at him.

He wore that brought from China's navy cotton-padded jacket, round his neck his mother yourself out of the mountain of wool scarf Angola, head wear white ChuMei send his red woolly hat. She could not help but laugh and say: you this body, such as direct hill skiing.

Sorry, I'm a little thing, so a few minutes late.

For he saw a ChuMei, said: what's the matter, freezing rain, you don't look very good, uncomfortable? We can go another day.

He would sit down, and took off the glove, with the hand rubbing about his cheeks, show exhaustion of appearance, maybe we let's go, today I was not in a good mood. He gently with voice said.

ChuMei immediately motioned two out into the hallway, talk easy, then looking at his face said: what happened, freezing rain, can you tell me?

Morning received my mom telephone, my maternal grandmother yesterday stroke, in a hospital.

Ah! ChuMei low let out a cry and picked up his hand knead once, is it serious, freezing rain? For he eagerly eyes looked at. He was born after the culture revolution. When parents although has returned from the remote areas, but haven't fulfil original work units, the economy in the home is very difficult, have to freezing rain sent to his mother's parents house, so when he was a young boy, was his grandmother belt, the elementary school, until he returned to his parents. At this point, he ChuMei childhood with very similar. Different is ChuMei hours because mother in mental breakdown state, she was a lot of her this lifetime all don't want memories but often wake up from nightmares cry spirit of abuse, while freezing rain childhood is owned in addition to grandma's love besides, more with his parents dotes on. Because from infants to enter primary school by grandma devotedly, raising, freezing rain on her feelings are more than of his mother. At ordinary times, he ChuMei mention to chat with childhood chores of his grandmother intimately. His most of missing is the loved him, and taught him, now of an aging old man.

Mom said that this was in a coma. Even in the extreme unrest, he remains in the Chinese formal nature, his hand from ChuMei grip of taking out. ChuMei dynasty he saw one eye, natural had no idea to make fun of him, but said:

Freezing rain, you here worry is useless ah, you not is say you grandma still pretty healthy?

But after all, she is already 7056 years old!

Seventies also is not old, you not is say it, the Chinese have seed prematurely senile attitude really things, should be learning from the western countries.

Say is this say, but that is only the first generation from my parents, my grandma's generation, fifty years old is the old man, change. Say they returned to the reading room, took the backpack. Today I didn't mood to go with you to buy things, maybe some other time. I want to go back to her room to reading, in case you have telephone, I don't want to miss.

That go, I accompany you.

His face had to be reluctant and thought once and say: ChuMei, or let me alone a burst of me, I don't want to affect your mood, you tomorrow and ZhouKao. Wait a minute if there is any news, I immediately call you, ok?

See his face left expression, she was very distressed, but transgressors brushed his meaning, have to nod, clad in red XueYi, wear the same color hat, was carrying shoulder bag with him out of the library. The weather is not how change, the sun retirement, originally bright sky very haze, a pair of snow will to omen. ChuMei watched him away dejected figure, her heart also pulled into a ball and know the dorm also cannot read, watch, too fast hot, he changed his mind and comes to her mother's office. Push door into, is still clear is on the phone, saw her, frightened by hand, ask: cover monophone

No classes? Occupy looking for me?

Matter is no, but she also can't say it was. So she with a nod of his head, when her mother gold-green stool sat down. Is fine eyes at her, to the unit said, sorry, I want to hang, my daughter has just entered through the door, like something, I evening call you back, ok?

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