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Bus funny's interesting thing

1, a beauty to run toward the car crowded! Hilarious!

Many people are waiting for the bus, and finally the bus arrived and a beauty to run toward the car crowded!

Due to the crowded too scary, beauty accidentally slipped! "Plop" 1 to his knees in the driver in front!

The driver deke shock looked at beauty, comforts: "come up, next time, remember to buy tickets!"

2, a man went to a car, and need 10 million yuan, can man only brought 99998 yuan, he sent two dollars!

Suddenly, he found the door has a beggar, he went to the beggar said: "I beg you, give me two dollars money now, I want to buy a car!"

A beggar after listen to, generous took out 4 yuan handed man, said: "help me to buy a car."

3, a man love to exercise, specially bought a bike for fitness.

Arrived late at night, family found that man has not return, then make a phone call to ask its: "how hasn't come back?"

Man telephone that replied: "ah, ride too far, exhausted me, now no strength to ride back."

4, old woman on the bus, sitting aside to old woman children hurriedly rose up and let.

The old woman favour say: "you sit down, I'm young, don't give me a seat!"

After a while, the children got up again, old lady clap his shoulder and said: "really don't give me a seat, I'm not that old!"

Thus repeatedly through several times, kid finally unbearable cry!

Children cried and said: "old woman, I had sat had several stations, why don't you let me off?!"

5, to work in the morning, when the bus was crowded, and people super.

The second stop up a little beauty, behind tell a man. See, they should be incognizant of appearance. Several stations were not speak. Young beauty in stature should 1.62 or so, I is 1.80. A head taller than her basic. Young beautiful hand that packaged soya-bean milk. He stood in front of me, because so crowded, young beauty standing in the middle, fundamental catching the armrest, may be afraid soya-bean milk spilled the outfit, squeeze the paper cups high soymilk above shoulder, also once a drink. I didn't eat breakfast this morning, smelling soya-bean milk flavor really hungry can not stand. Her a drink, then lifted a shoulder slow once. Straws just right out of my mouth not far, most is 3CM around.

After a while I really unbearable, the mouth will absorb a small mouth, a very light, young beauty found no, and then she took the past sip, then lifted a shoulder, I again a puff. So not and in a short while, soya-bean milk should not. She herself said a sentence: "what morals of the world, sell all the bogus, soya-bean milk installed so little that few under quick drink over."

I was almost smile spray. She again put paper cups lifted to shoulder, I step-by-step tiime go once, result, because it is not much, I suck GuLuLu when issued the "GuLuLu" the sound. Young beauty fiercely turn head; I'd froze in it! My mouth is containing her straws, stiff where, when the embarrassing ah ~ ~ MB, jumped the ideas are. Small the beauty say: "you why? Nice not? Do you want me to buy you a drink? In to see you wear that handsome don't like the poor ah."

Me: "......"

Now like to still afraid afraid! The next station young beauty got off, around a few people has been looking at me, I self give of say: "is my girl friend, and I'm just kidding. It". My words just finish. And small beauty together on that guy just openings: "say? Brother, soya-bean milk make you drink, you also want. It is my female friendly?"

I say: "???? That how don't you get off?"

The brothers said. "she arrived, I didn't come, I have several Station Road? Are you a little too shameless, soya-bean milk drank, the person so much, and I don't say nothing. My girlfriend you want it?! She's my good?!"

I said low voice say: "is your, is you, I don't... I don't..."

Then just arrived and I jump down... Wearing khan ah.

Too hurry.

Too entanglements.

Too upset...

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