The wage of 1000 kinds of amorous feelings

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The wage of 1000 kinds of amorous feelings Empty The wage of 1000 kinds of amorous feelings

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The wage of 1000 kinds of amorous feelings

It can let a person experience inexplicable depressed, also can satisfy you some strange pleasant sensation, when the wage is posture is different, amorous feelings in my mind.

Jump a wall dog JiHuo type

Three days before sending salary continually in the accounting department office glass door smell to sniff go, if smell have work tension, was slightly a little relieved. To send salary that day, all day at the office and restrooms fretful coming to flee between. Because of a long-awaited exciting moment comes, in order to guarantee the heart not jump out the metabolism of throat, people function very exuberant. Thousand etc etc, and finally to ranking million in the first order get salary, look at that, run home, utilities, rent, telephone, the entrance shop accept credit fee, 11 to solve. Work the next day in bulletin see oneself's name, underneath have a line of nouns explanation: "without authorization, leaving early, fines RMB 550 yuan."

Pug shook tail type

Smiles on "today send salary, so fast!" "It's my turn to wage a ha, thank you, thank you!" "Sign here ah, thank you, thank you!" "Don't count, will you still wrong? Thank you, thank you!" Now send salary financial miss in his eyes like the boss sacred. Others saw in check wage: "money and so earnest? Most is a few dollars between backorder-optimal oddment error, I never had to find a proper calculation". The time turned into the bathroom, the door tightly, sit on closestool, hurriedly pay envelopes open count again "go to him XX, this month hard to finish two big project, but lost all add, less two yuan." Conveniently he-pulled down toilet paper, rolls used up. Back in the office, take note quickly rolled up decades of blank paper, a pair of scissors, two pens plug into the bag, finally the whole bad colleague's a mouse, is off.

Sven dog shy type

Low head, timid in the wage, signed up, the salary bagged into their own bag, micro slanting with prominent no expression to go out. Sit at the computer and quietly in front netease female channel check again the latest two paragraphs cosmetics name. A class to go first boutique, first that two paragraphs love thing direct into the package, the clerk miss a praise with intimidation under, dizzy carrying a bag of series products out of the store. After shopping, through all the fruit market woman street, carry bag, carrying the bag, hanging round her neck bag, the tooth also biting two hairpin, finally came home. Eat two fruit, face mask, tu hao lying on the sofa start counting money, amount to calculate not clear, always seem less money. And then eat a fruit, recalculate, still conclusion fuzzy. Finally decided to go to work time multi-purpose QQ chat after half an hour, let that damn boss compensation be eaten apples, and haven't bought back perfume.

Police dog dog analysis model

Carefully look at the names on the payroll, brushstroke a drawing ground signatures in bursary tossed half an hour, in the public urged whining in got pay. Calm to back to his position, from the drawer take out wages ten footwork accounting list, with salary each validation, if his account conform to, money, long vomit breath account conform to end. But there is a principle: think will make mistakes, often can go wrong. This with the laws in wages special efficacious, the world does not have what company salary finance calculation results will and personal computing results are consistent. Finally without exception, police dog dog will be dashed back to the finance department outraged demand: "recalculate". They looked at least ShaLeYan, and half an hour to get to get rid of him. Fortunately jump a wall dog 'letting no time calculation sven dog is confused lousy account computation is not clear, pug self-reliance themselves up, or account finance director nine difficult teacher every time send salary at least encounter ninety-nine difficult.

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