The two children, too loss was so funny! Brains moving too fast! Ha ha

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The two children, too loss was so funny! Brains moving too fast! Ha ha  Empty The two children, too loss was so funny! Brains moving too fast! Ha ha

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Small A street, by bicycle bumped, cycling is A female, small A injury-free, do not wish to dispute, but its female do not spare.

"You don't want to walk, can't you see I hurt?"

Small A dispressed, be being hit still not be able to get away.

"Elder sister, you hit me from behind, I didn't pursue you ok, why do you not to let me go!"

"Your mother is elder sister? Blind is not? I was hurt, you have to sent me to the hospital, don't want to run."

"You wound which, how do I look can't see?"

"My ass hurt."

"That I see"

"You are a smelly rascal."

"I how rascal, how do you talk?"

"Lo you that virtue, and how the. Not like a nice man."

Small A that gas ah, be man hit still being scold, simply not go.

Small A: "I how okay, you are fairy, fairy elder sister you fall when he hit on the face MeiShan, today you face the cinders haven't picked clean?"

Female: "you still turn curved call names? Lo you that ugly."

Small A: "I am ugly, but at least I still have A long nose eyes of position? Behold, god, like your nostrils rainy rainfall all needless meteorology, calculating amount you nose water line, A drop without leakage. Yao, you still in her eyes tusks ah, oh! It was originally A mouth ah, this position not ah."

Female: "you long? A see you are god made man when a nap, got you such a imperfection."

Small A: "that is stronger than you, god made you when the urgency, lane regiment mud to the wall fell becomes you."

Female: "your mama born you when you didn't get the zha strangled, let you out scare people."

Small A: "I admire your mother, you raise so big didn't take her him-self frighten to death also is A miracle."

They sound more and more big, the crowd is also more and more. Most coincidence, small B incredibly at this time pass by, also got up.

Small A sudden increase the voice:

"Your stomach child has not my, what makes me want to marry you?"

Female: "who say my belly inside have a kid?"

You just said that, otherwise you put your clothes reflected to let everyone see, so big belly fat, isn't it? "

That woman, with his red eyes could not say words

Small A A refers to stand beside the small B: "you have made his children, and his live it, though he timid, but he is A good husband, he can tolerate when you're sleeping molar fart snore and but I can't stand, you still and his back."

Surrounding the masses event.

That girl angry by small A nose, who trembled.

Small B the timid ah, well not walk yourself's road, chipped in which son lively, the friend's busy still have to help, so deep a puff up, a face like the honest, step forward.

"Wife, we go home, I know I timid, but I really love you ah, I don't care about your business, we go back and live!"

Female: "get out of here! I don't know you!"

Surrounding the crowds were a if it weren't for see in this woman is pregnant lady pain flat her meal impulse. The good man is looking for?

Small B: "I know you abandon me, home of the eldest brother old two old three didn't mum would very pitiful, still have your belly children, difficult to your heart to let he was born without father? Go back, such as the birth of children, in home keep good body you walk again? I won't stand in your way, I support you find true happiness.?

Surrounding the masses began to defy.

That woman steps and nearly fainted. Falter

Small B a face of concern: "the kid his mama, what happened to you?"

Women face run, even bikes are not.

Small B yelled as chase, round the corner and pulled out A phone to small A fix, evening please to have A meal.


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