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Can make people laugh faint of children FAQ  Empty Can make people laugh faint of children FAQ

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1 the kindergarten

Problem a: if one day thered is no water, fish?

Kid A: fish into the river to bai. (thinks, continue) oh, no, that whale? Too big, don't get in. (o) that's very considerate

Kid B: change stone bai. (fish are crazy vomiting blood..."

Problem two: milk and where do you come from?

Kid A: milk cow belly below have few mouth, poured out from there. (you really sure that a mouth?

Continue to ask: the coconut milk to how come?

Kid B: coconut milk is milk it. (to get carried away! Brother),

Continue to ask exactly: milk is what?

Kid B: milk is yogurt, let us home do not drink, our family ordered a bright milk. (awful logic)

Question 3: the kid's face is stem use?

Kid A: give mother close.

Cross-examine: that give not to father close?

Kid A: give father close.

Continue to cross-examine: that you of the face exactly give who close?

Kid A: give mother close. Tears (dad)

Kid B: decals head use. (your face isn't a bulletin board?)

Problem four: why the child from mother's belly inside come out, not belly inside come out from father?

Kid A: girls from mother's belly inside come out, boys from dad belly inside come out. (how will receive person)

The little boy B: lovely because of boy! (the little girls call together: boy not cute!

Problem five: the kid's hair have what use?

Little girl A: used to comb my hair.

Ask little boy B: that you of hair can't firm plait, have what use?

Kid B: used to give the barbershop shave. (valuable dedication)

2 the kindergarten

Problem a: why does the only two leg?

Kid A: because we are not animals. (is the duck difficult way four legs?

Kid B: people won't grow four leg. (this is the arrangement of the god, the biggest)

Kid C: (oneself cachinnation) grow four leg will fight.

Cross-examine: but the dog dog grow four leg run fast?

Kid C: (stunned)... (all the children shout loudly in succession: I run faster than the dog!

Problem two: how can we make fatty immediately thin come down?

Kid A: eat to reduce weight A biscuit. (still calculate smart)

Cross-examine: eat to reduce weight a biscuit can't immediately thin, how become a while thin?

Kid A: that doesn't eat to reduce weight A biscuit. (you tricked me?)

Question 3: how can we make thin immediately fat rise?

Kid A: milk. (milk and not a pig feed)

Kid B: eat a lot of rice could be * * * *. (* * * * is fatty)?

Problem four: why have balloon would fly to the sky?

Kid A: have spirit because of it. (have no spirit can call balloon?

Cross-examine: that why some can't the balloon fly up a day?

Kid A: because inside gas too little. (how will your * * * *)

3 the kindergarten

Problem a: what animal two feet, morning the sun grandfather up when, it can wake you up?

Kid A: chicken, rooster. (another child call way: father chicken)

Very curiously ask: what call father chicken?

Kid: hen called hens, the cock call father chicken. (is suddenly enlighted..."

Kid B: mom.

Kid C: the sun. (sweat... the sun it 8 is an animal!)

Continue to ask: the sun long feet?

Kid C: the sun has five feet. (another child retort: seven, the rainbow is seven color)

Question 2: what call conflicting views?

Kid A: is seven mouth, tongue, speaking very disorderly eight. (sense) added: we now is conflicting views. (or have self-knowledge)

Kid B: get out of many a tongue. (awful..."

Question 3: how to distinguish between men and women?

Kid A: see hair, long hair is A girl, short hair are boys. (flank a short hair girl tears ran..."

Kid B: peeking his (her) pee, standing are boys, squat are girls. (this age lewd..."

Kid C: if he (or she) what to wear socks, red and blue are girls are boys. (good pure feeling..."

Children D: look look. (good) termagants...

Problem four: if throw stone dynasty fish pond, what will happen phenomenon?

Kid A: water will become bobo. (...)

Kid B: fish will float. (fishermen happy..."

Kid C: fined five. (sweat...)

4 kindergarten

Problem a: the tangshan why call soup mountain?

Kid A: because soup mountain. (still really interpret without real understanding ah..."

Kid B: soup mountain is a hot spring, bathing area. (that answer..."

Kid C: underneath very hot, so called the tangshan bai. (khan turned out to be very hot mountain......"

Children D: who is the tangshan? (...)

Problem two: had an old grandpa lost a horse, you think ma3 hai2 come back?

Kid A: no, because the horse play on the road? (playful horse..."

Kid B: no, it won't see horse rings. (never seen horse walk also look at the annual rings..."

Kid C: no, horse and other horse married. (also is a romantic child..."

Children D: no, grandpa to the horse is bad, the horse to find new host. (the reality is cruel, horse also need job-hopping..."


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