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2 July 30, Monday bolts

One today is not out of the sun, really bad, dad bought back two goldfish, raising water drowned in a, I was sad.

The teacher comments: I am also very sad, I live so big, February has never met a 30! Never seen no more of the sun shine, haven't seen'll drown goldfish.

1. The topic: side... Side...

Children write: while he undressed, side wear pants.

Teacher: what's his comment on writing off or want to wear?

2. The topic: among them

Children write: my one hurt his left foot.

The teacher thereon: are you the centipede?

3. Topic: gradually

Children write: home, father checkingtheir went home.

Teacher: you are exactly the comment on writing several father ah?

4. Topic: sorry

Children write: my front door has a ditch be very sad.

The teacher thereon: teacher more sad.

5. Topic: and... And...

Children write: my mom is short and high fat and thin.

The teacher thereon; Your mother is deformation diamond?

6. Topic: you see

Children write: you see what to see! Never seen ah

Teacher: haven't seen the comment on writing

7. Topic: flourishing

Children write: thriving confession rong.

The teacher thereon: series not to watch too much!

8. Topic: delicious

Children write: delicious fart.

The teacher thereon: some things can't be eaten.

9. Topic: innocence

Children write: it's hot today.

The teacher thereon: you really naive.

10. Topic: indeed as expected

Children write: yesterday I eat fruit and cold drinks.

Teacher: is the comment on writing words

11. Topic: first... Again... , examples: have dinner first, then wash bath.

Children write: sir, goodbye!

Teacher: the imagination than the comment on writing the wisdom of the earth.

12. Topic: besides

Children write: a train after, besides besides besides besides besides condition

The teacher thereon: I'm dead


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