The headmaster cry! All the teacher quit reason

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The headmaster cry! All the teacher quit reason  Empty The headmaster cry! All the teacher quit reason

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The history teacher: the students can't really taught, have a class of time I ask questions: "you know wu zetian is what person?" The first student to answer I said he and she are not ripe, the second student to answer I say is he a net friend, three classmate said he had her QQ number etc class dismissed on QQ ask... Also a classmate unexpectedly take out a cellular phone to say will immediately asked her.

The geography teacher: you see this time they try book, our country the first five mingshan is (zhao4 ben3 shan), the most famous river (pan Yangtze river), China's coal are (black), our country of all of iron is (hard), you say me still how class?

Chinese teacher: class, have a classmate in magazines, I seized his magazine knocked to knock his head... But at my turn round to prepare to continue to class, his deskmate unexpectedly laughing up, make classes on not bottom go to. I asked him why he smiled, you know how he answer me? That boy from the drawer take out in a citing, unexpectedly so say to me: "teacher, you still haven't found my reading good, or be you hit a dead."

The math teacher: a unit test never pass the exam classmate unexpectedly can in handed use high school homework knowledge... I asked him whether he himself this homework to do, that classmate unexpectedly answer to say that I don't know. You talk about this call what good things. I will continue to ask him to his honesty explaination, exactly is who can help him to do, hey, he still pours of reasons, answered and said to me: "teacher, I really don't know who did the work, to tell you the truth, yesterday evening I sleep early..."

The teacher of the physics: you know not to know only a clockwise and anti-clockwise one I teach several stanza lesson? Five section lesson! Is, I am so said unto them, I tell if they don't understand see watches, clockwise where you walk where is clockwise, which in turn is counterclockwise. But, the class number in the past, not mobile phone is electronic... I don't quit a semester I will teach them the two words?

The living creature teacher: I really don't want to go, but... You know, I have heart disease, can't stand excited, but I can not excited? Yesterday a unit test, according to the requirements of teaching outline, I let classmates looked at pictures of bird leg teaching the name, write bird life habit. But I just said to test content, you will have a classmate stood up to go outside, mouth rang rang: "this topic also has, Lao tze didn't test." You say so of students want to education? I called out to him, and asked what's his name, he should have made a pull back, leg to show said to me: "come and look at my leg to write my name ah..."

Art teacher: you know, I just was assigned to the class. Class yesterday when I just in the door, he heard several classmate shout loudly "beauty", you said gas not to enrage people? I was a teacher, how can they be so don't respect teacher? ... Is, if only because they called me "beauty" I'll quit I am wrong, but in my searching for who shout "beauty", that several classmate again called to me 1: "see what see, not shout you!"


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