Nine-year compulsory education. Super funny

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Nine-year compulsory education. Super funny  Empty Nine-year compulsory education. Super funny

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I am four years old preschool, after class time carelessly kissed deskmate girl once in a while, she cried for I was responsible. I said: I will be responsible for you. She say: you will speak a promise! I say: of course, we are not children of the two or three years old.

The elementary school grade, class my hands to go to the toilet. The teacher looked at the watch and said: there are five minutes class was over, after class to go. I had to sit helpless. When I was in loud the bell in wet my pants, I understand one thing: some things are really can not be forced.

The second grade examination after the final examination in the class, the teacher criticizes me take an examination of well. He said zou XX, how do you got few points, the whole class a average, you serious drag za class on the hind legs. I listen to very is puzzled, he raised his hand. I say: teacher, za class and not a pig, still points before hind legs?

The third grade, our class and held next door class intelligence tests. In answer all the questions after tying the game. They add try, by me and next door of xiao Ming answer each other's problem, who answers champions which classes. First xiao Ming asked me. He said: you know my pocket a few eggs? Once I listen to eggs, bacame, ask: bingo eat for me? He said: bingo both to you! I hear my classmates cheers. I say: "it's five!? Listen to a head teacher sound here.i, faint.

In fourth grade, the classmate all save change, to donate the disaster area. Once the teacher in class ask how much we saved. Small clear say; I saved up five yuan. Small bright say: I saved up ten dollars. Finally, to me, I said: I also sent 99 is 100! The teacher a listen to very happy, but I slowly found that the teacher face changed again.

Fifth-grade, heaven, the teacher let me explain Chinese idiom: the truth is out. I thought for a moment and said, in a long time ago, there was a family, a year they gave birth to a son and named it out. In the second and gave birth to a son and named small white. This day the child grandmother to see small white, she hugged the small white gushed: look at this child, like a great! Answer: after I found DaDongTian, whole class classmate head even in steaming.

In sixth grade, one begins to military training, standing in the front row. Instructor said: front row number off! I doubt the watched the teacher one eye, think listening to the wrong place, did not move. Instructor shout again: front row number off!! Looking at drillmaster sullen this, I was loath to go to the playground edge, grabbed a tree.

In seventh grade language examination, "the analects" blanks: two (). I have a look at this simple ah, perhaps too excited, I accidentally fill in: two (my wife) there. When exams were over to the teacher in office research: it seems that the student early love of problems to vigorously promotes!

Then close surveillance is useless, many students in grade eight of the early fell into love, only keep me and the few people wandering in the shore. How I wanted to have the individual also dragged me in! One day, xiao li red face called me into the back of the room and watched her shy like I thought: I finally also want rivers, wild lily is also is spring. As she took out a letter, I at that time was excited. She say: you can post the letter for me to xiao Ming? When you've finished, my heart had died.

Nine grade, and I finally graduated, at the gate of the school and teacher speak, I say: teacher, goodbye! The teacher said: "good-bye" and you want to fail in the next semester!? I listen to think for a moment after say: teacher, fareware!


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