The teacher and student quarrel

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The teacher and student quarrel  Empty The teacher and student quarrel

Post  Admin on Sat Nov 27, 2010 1:14 am

One day the geography teacher ask the classmates, river where flow?

A student fierce stood up to sing: the river flowed eastward ah.

The teacher didn't notice of him, then say, the sky have how many stars?

The classmate again to sing: the stars in the sky and beidou ah.

The teacher flustered: get your ass out of here!

Student: let za to go.

The teacher but say: you sick?

Student: you have me have all have!

Teacher: you say a try...

Student: road sees rough 1 roar!

Teacher: you letter not letter I hit you?

Student: this make moves when it's necessary to make moves...

The teacher nu: I let you quit school!

Student: FengFengHuoHuo rushed jiuzhou!!


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