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Caused by miniskirt  Empty Caused by miniskirt

Post  Admin on Sat Nov 27, 2010 1:12 am

This year, particularly popular instruction, and a better than a miniskirt wear short. School leaders saw think

Very tasteful, posted notices to forbidden. And behold, a notice posted caused uproar.

The first response is Chinese department of girls and they at publicity column of newspaper eye position wrote a limerick: thousands of teachers and students together quarrel, because the skirt was too short. Specific situation how, billboards in coverage.

Second statement is a yearly losses school infirmary, they wrote: cold pathogens are a virus is not cold ","

The third step up and make mightiness protest is girl's department in the school, they crafted a banner, hang at publicity column up, top stick 9 blow molding paper cut into the big word: we want liberation, don't tie up.

The school library is always school advanced collective, this time nature also unwilling to lag behind, make the library throw the book old of distress write at publicity column up: let miniskirt popular it, our eyes need to have a rest.

Can you write is I can't write? Dining room after careful consideration, also on the column besmear 1: in fact short skirt and sparerib are similar they will shrink.

Treat noon a rest, each fasten also in succession enunciation oneself viewpoint.

The art fasten to write a way: Venus certificate moderation lack will be more beautiful.

Environmental fasten to write a way: isn't the earth warming is fake? !

Mathematics fasten to write a way: allow one meter long rectangular existence, so 0.3 meters long square existence is also reasonable of.

The history fasten wrote: sable chan beauty is not because of the different lyu3 bu4, guan yu eyes and change.

The physics fasten to write a way: the cloth is not coarse insulator, air same also.

The law fasten to write a way: the law forbid of just plaintiff by miniskirt, rather than the miniskirt wear by accused.

Trade fasten to write a way: whether the school promote color glasses for all boy, still give all girl promote black stockings, we all want to become a shareholder.

The living creature fasten wrote: person and the root of the gorilla differentiation isn't the length of skirt, but see long skirt and short skirt can make different imagination.

The athletics fasten to write a way: only wear the wicketkeeper of trousers, but didn't wear feng and wei of shorts, still can call football team?

The nucleus wrote: from long skirt to short skirt, again arrive miniskirt, this just is the most powerful embodiment of democratic centralism.

The public relations fasten to write a way: lowering the vision of negotiation opponent this is exactly what we four years often grueling study pursues.

Finally, their federation also can not bear lonesome, at publicity column top write a way: give us more subsidize, you see, we this dress don't hide the appearance of body.


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