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1, twenties, townee see townee, two eyes overflow with tears, In the 1930s, townee see townee, helps the degrees of famine, In the 1940s, townee see townee, carry a gun and day resistance. In the 1950s, townee see townee, joint big steel-making, In the 1960s, townee see townee, position the same; In the 1970s, townee see townee, when the chief. In the 1980s, townee see townee, sea go to business, In the 1990s, townee see townee, cheat you has no company quantity, 2000 generation drop, see townee countryman, lawsuit dozen busy

2, a farmer tomorrow evening hens kill chickens, said: come and eat, this is your last meal! The second day see chicken has laid and remain dying testament: ye already eat rat medicine, you don't want the ye, ye his mama do not blame ~!

3, less than Beijing, don't know an officer small, Less than shenzhen, don't know less money, Less than northeast, don't know oneself capacity for liquor is bad, Less than grassland, do not know much meat; the Wolf Don't wash sauna, don't know oneself brother is too small, Don't drive, don't know Benz blue jays, Not on the market to buy vegetables, don't know what call haggle over every ounce, Not venereal, don't know what is happiness after the trouble

4, don't do it people ah, the risk is too big, or the most safe! Tofu! Do hard is bean curd doing, doing thin is soybean curd is thin, do, do not the bean milk skin is soya-bean milk, put smelly is stinky tofu! Steady make not the kui ah

5, you want to be rich? You want to make love? You want to be officer? You want to overnight? You want to remain youthful forever? You want to let people all over the world are crazy for you? -- -- -- -- don't blind to think, and wash your feet sleep!

6, heard last night, you are made SuMa flax, and distempering crisp, with the whole body disorderly fibrillation, sweat, very dizzy, oh oh shout loudly, to s desire fairy... Oh, nothing to touch what high-voltage

7, CEO is dad ran for mothers to repair the bitterness: "mom, somebody hit your son you meeting how?" Mother: "I'll call his son vengeance!" CEO: "..."

8, one day, you squatting on the roadside carefully looked at a pile of poop you gather together before smell: isn't is poop? You by hand dug to dig it was like you into his mouth taste bian4 bian4: it is! You smile to: luckily didn't stepped on!

9 and there is a miracle, but it is affection can't understand! Consult the crow also useless, had to return home to sleep! Dreamed of king diyi have clew, at eight tomorrow morning wake up, eat cake will understand (this every sentence in the third word there could be a surprise)

10, recently find you're not, I heard you were abducted, really frightened to death I, though you stupid since the childhood, but to society harmless, who person so bold, you unexpectedly dare to take you to sell, but then again, sell out just strange


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