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Post  Admin on Sat Nov 27, 2010 1:02 am

1, my spoony you see in the eye, my diligently you remember in eye, my true love stay in your eyes, I attended the doubts in your eye, and good big piece of YanShi!

2, you could be a child prodigy - mental derangement young children. You are the people's elite of neural flies; Angels - ha ha, need I say?

3, neighbor keeps a donkey, born a pair of stubborn temper, call it east it to west, call it walk it to skip hoof and give it a clockwork short message, after reading this smile happily.

4, two drunkard meet, say: I bitter! My wife spent all the money and ran away. Another person say: you calculate good of, my wife spend all my money still won't go!

5 and I have two minds, never told it to someone, today to share with you the two worry: left ventricular and the right ventricle.

6, mobile phone dropped in water, good, that call water techniques.

7 and the 1950s, 1960s offer sincere hearts, 1970s offered sacrifice faithful, 1980s offered conscience, in the 1990s to offer the compassion.

8, "best Pal" evolvement: is the friend is difficult, for his underside insert two knives.

9, wish me - bill much has to not want, pretty girl let you choose. Stay at home need not run, need not stem live light sleeping. "

10, teacher: "please use cows sentence"! Student: "a cow." "Good, can create another?" "Two cows!"

11, seismic prediction: tonight to tomorrow a tiny earthquake, for your safety, please tonight pack quilt, wearing closestool, nostril plug in straw on a bed to sleep

12, you take yours, and I take yours, and you don't eat me, I only take yours, finish eat you, and you go away!

13, the speech of the leader you fart, colleagues fight you see the plays, friends dinner you constipation, wife birthday you forget. Life 89 unpleasant, clockwork SMS XieXie gas.

14, a donkey can carry grain, two hundred catties donkey can carry back two hundred catties food, but you bring only three donkey will carry the SiBaiJin grain, ask why?

15, I do not love you, you will only bring me all sorts of damage, I regret kissed you, I will forget you, I hate you, cigarettes.

16, you take yours, and I take yours, and you don't eat me, I only take yours, finish eat you, and you go away!

17, the day in biology class, the teacher of the students here said a words: the classmates, look at me! Or else how can you know what bacteria long what kind!

18, today, we can take you rain continuously romance. Your eyes dew regret, I can't bear such days sadness, and swear to lead your good must eat best bones lawn playing.

19, the husband sad to say: this world is not perfect woman, wife: I am not? No, you only is eight beauty. Why? Because you have not beauty and inner beauty

20 and mosquitoes fell in love with flies, mom was not pleasure: that pick dung? How cold Chen. Or spider is good, somebody else is somehow make network!

21, man 30 the lioness dog, sweet words often in mouth; Man watchdog, see a 40 wife trembles; Man fifty is mad dog, a meeting women have a bite.

22 and who you are! I'm sorry I forgot your number. I guess you're ShenJinBing, liu mans, otherwise is QinShou or MeiRenXing, all wrong words you must be edge tai

23, pieces torn linen, exceed toad step, daytime grilled railway, evening stolen tomb, I know you want to learn the east evil west poison! At best, namely a gai nai.

24 and in love, someone say ";" In marriage, someone to "visual as death".

25, emergency remind: recently fear has a tornado weather, go out to carry two 10 kilos of dumbbell, lest by wind on a volume buddhist paradise. Weigh less than 50 kilograms of must double

26, don't a cough, the earth's carbon dioxide already very rich, how will you don't cough, you will draw a word, establish a set, then immediately plasters

27, you walk left shaking right is placed, shopping, the wife be crazy slaughtered otherwise loves, son being abducted, actually you also is handsome, IQ too bad, foolish on sour pickled cabbage!

28, you go to find a worthy love you to love, I don't know enough about you and your feelings, I know some things cannot force, some distance can't also beyond, like yesterday, I really can't believe, you told to root bones were run away!

29 and if marriage is the grave of love, then model couple at best, but is "demonstration cemetery" only.

30, in this beautiful season, difficult mood astringent, total hang around far-away place of you! I wish keep a pigeon, let it everyday fly to your above, which afraid can make of just chien an action... In your head to pull a shit

31, are you lack calcium since the childhood, grow up to lack love that wearing the sacks, head pot, wearing panties fasten belt, bare to the waist tie-wearing.

32, a couple in it appears, star appeared before and send you this message people kissing 2 minutes, it appeared later pull him (she) hand, you will be happy forever.

33, I say: every miss you a star fall drop of tear, the sea is like this form. You say: each want to me once you will put a fart, the ozone layer is like this form.

34, gently you go, as you come lightly. I flick, vessel thrown bones, alas! Finally sent you this head greedy puppy.

35, users a mouth, this year this Hugh drought, Net friend again open fire control work to worry about, Net friend three mouth, three gorges project to rebuild, ha ha

36, tell you a good news: my that puppy smarter, it could talk? Yesterday she to your picture says "mom..."

37, you are very good - fickle didn't thought! You're a genius - born fool! You are very cute -- unlovable!

38, in my heart, dad most fierce, always carry my beaten black and blue, in my heart, teacher's fierce, and often left me till seven eight.

39, I have two minds, have been hidden in the bottom of the heart, never told it to someone, today to share with you the two mind... A left ventricular, one is the right ventricle

40, god created man, not with bread baked became now white, baked became now the yellow race, certainly also is burning, so have you by now.

41, sisters do you like to be same, want to have a kind heart, have a kind heart, we are not a devil, we are a hybrid.

42, your voice is very true, your smile very deep, you looks very beautiful, you figure is cool, but I still say: don't streaking faster to go home!

43, heard that you should do three important event: to the sun, the earth QianJinMao wear a mask to cover a dustproof, give the moon spread the train way

44, remember? That you go to the singing contest, four referee down 3, well, have a referee onstage excitedly holding your hand said: talent! Others singing is want money, your singing is desperately ah!

45, and you encounter I frighten into inaction, momaihanqing eyes I couldn't avoid, I know you heart, very hard to run, but you tight cooperation. I cry: whose dog nobody tube

46, morning appetite for thinking, noon appetite because even miss you, evening appetite because frantically miss you, sleepless night, because... I'm

47, a root bean sprouts, two hearts garlic, three cutoff bycooks, four HuaShengDou, plus steamed boiled water, four dish one soup, toto drinking!

48, today I saw you wearing plaid clothes take a walk along the river bank, very carefree appearance, true is so lovely, it is hard to imagine that how you run a rabbit!

49, if you were a cloud, I would be the wind, if you are a fish, I would be the water if you're a mouse, I wish to be housed, clipping, you people batin!

50, top allied: days to the boundless think you the day of grey is too long allied: wind rustling way down your days too didn't lost guangpi: no money too difficult

51, wering officer style only eat not to take, the attitude is decent, Eating and belt, not accidents. Don't eat not to take, just call strange.

52, when a woman say to you: "you is my idol!" You don't happy because she meant: you are my vomiting objects

53, into foreign physique son too tired, into state-owned enterprises, private wallet is too flat into nerve is too tight, no zhe, can lie on the bed can't afford it.

54, this life I is most loves you the person, the next life you are a fish I is water, you be a flower I is the gardener, you are the tortoise I is a hammer.

55, you are very good - fickle and unbelieving! You're a genius - born WaiCai! You are very cute -- but it's too many people love!

56, a couple symbiotic 8 births, order, camellias, wintersweet, osmanthus chrysanthemum, huanghua, primrose, wild flowers, the last one that no money to spend.

57, you're a genius - born fool, graduated from harvard - Harbin institute, long well - grow so really isn't you of wrong

58, congratulations you has been in U.S. cattle fine university department Mang flow class admission barbaric qi, please bring your lousy basin PoWan and difficult-disease to PenFen road Titanic large American excrement museum reported.

59, if that is blast, that calculated, if it is a dream also calculate, you lower the head to nothing and I focal dry uneasiness, why do you fart say not early?

60, whether you lonely, if it is, then you went downstairs to buy a rope and a stick, a rope of on the rod, in the wind picked up to the top of the building waving a stick, others will ask? What are you doing? You say: I convulsions!!!

61, life boring! Listen to phone, open BMW, ChouChou Chinese, bubble bars, drink remy Martin, off Madonna, clockwork information tease fool!

62, who am I, you know, don't know you is big gosling. In order not to let people know you are big gosling, now on a cell phone laugh.

63, classmate: "what call initials?" Classmate: "April fool!" mother "is your mother." Classmate: "what call vowels?" Classmate: "CaoBao! 'pregnancy" is your mother when she is pregnant."

64, kill me also don't do excuse me the wife, did kill me also don't say, said a kill me also don't don't do

65, have lovers in it appears, star appeared before and send you this message people kissing 2 minutes, it appeared later pull him (she) hand, you will be happy forever.

66, jump from fear of high, diving afraid of the cold, and to commit suicide by poison of hardships afraid of pain, hunger strike fear hungry, really grieve me!!!

67, each city are prone to rain, like I go to where will miss you. Missing is a kind of fruit with acid, especially at night. Full of memories with uncertain mood, think you... Think you... Want to beat you!

68, rare true rare, found a big donkey, the donkey the mind has a problem, don't eat not to drink no rest, ask stupid ass where, head buried in watching news!

69, drowned are swimming and fell dead of all is love climbing. Support is delicious. Starve is some weight. Smile dead in see a message.

70, toad to the swan said: swan, can you lend me your feathers? Swan said: no, if lend you, that I don't is a toad as ugly?

71, you think, is very happy, See you, is piece very happy matter; Love you, is I want to do forever; Put you is the matter that I has been being do in the mind, However, cheat you is the business of occurrence just.

72, think you think you good miss you, I only have you in the heart, for daily meet you, find a painter painted you and keep you posted in a cup, pouring drown you every day!

73, good horse refused to back grass, the rabbit don't eat a nest side grass, there are plenty of fish in the sea.

74, little fool with 38, 38 like little fool, fool don't like rotten 38. So they get under the roof melon. Alas? Look at the messages is a big fool!

75, to the people of the whole country do three things: JiZi whip for bacteria to braise in soy sauce, build a sauna room, ants grave a white circles

76, after losing you, my world is bleak, blurred, Without you, my road before look remote, it seems that I have to buy a new pair of glasses.

77, morning, you open the door and found a pile of cow dung, what is your first reaction, big eat 1 catty.

78, than to say, you are handsome than lovely not not strange, than money, than gentleness say no, if you actually these than stupid, stupid, absolute trophies than you away!

79, listening to your promise silly, believe you choice too stupid, forget your manner is so stupid, follow your future too foolish, far away from your world is clever

80, others are "an flowers planted on the cow dung," you and your girlfriend's different, you are a bubble cow dung threw flowers on.

81, today I'm really sorry, no control my that "flourishing talent", let him on your doorstep shit, harm you open the door big eat 1 catty.

82, hello, long time no see I let a group of mosquitoes to cheer you, hope you like them.

83, know why you're here in this world? Tell you, because human material civilization progress because people haven't shengfan barrels.

84, congratulations you, hit the jackpot! Don't think that is a dream, not letter with the fist against his nose dozen one punch, ensure you in the fool award.

85, tank car pressure ants, all by a large, ChengKuiAn movies, all by a silly, Old hen not out of the nest, all by an egg, Still reading the sonar -- big jerk!

86, little tiger caught a turtle, tiger q: who are you? Turtle answer: I is a tiger! Tiger ask again: that your head how didn't hairy? Turtle answer: I a few days ago tonsured!

87, check your mandarin, please read aloud the following poetry: dark green, dark planting stone, dark green, dark stone through spring stone through spring bamboo.

88, love not actively, physiological have a problem! The meeting not actively, policy have a problem! Life is not actively, wallet have a problem! Home do not actively, the attitude is have a problem!

89, if no wind will not move if there's no water fish can't swim without the sun, the moon will not be light. If have no you... Stupid also would not exist

90, theory class are you a white-collar, whose capacity you are the backbone of talent (don't be modest) you as an elite (ume marara), so we all praise you are - bones jing

91, magpie, mom said it was xi bird is guest, The swallow, mother said this is YiDiao is off, The crow, the boy asked you also guest? The crow call: Yes, we are the hackers!

92, your tenderness like angels in pettish, your beauty like sensational peacock, your considerate and just on her chest rheumatism cream, your eyes like lovely panda!

93, arrived in summer, when you are bored, can take knife killed watermelon play, edge kill edge read aloud: I kill melons, I kill melon...

94, bright stars tonight, I am in your room opposite, scenery is very romantic, hope to have your side. Hear cell phone rang field picked up just watching, not fool is bulky

95, afterlife let us do a pair of small rat! Silly love, dull to live and chairs nuzzle silly together, happy flat you.

96, once upon a time there was a girl grow very ugly, she very distressed, find fairy asked her if she is the ugliest man. A few days later she came back, a face of pleased to meet a person then asked, "you know, see a message who is the person that?"

97, a junior high school student of English notes: dad dead bus, ye die yes, elder brother, sister died girls to death, death ray used

98, a woman to marry a foreign devil. Her mother died, to her husband for money home turn, but not with husband return, Cardiff puzzled and answer yue "to avoid all the friends and relatives daytime ghosts."

99, you take me to your rose slowly inserted in one tuo cow dung, then looking at me, I wanted to think and affectionate say to you: I will not abandon you

100, you face like the dawn, eyes like Andy lau, mouth like ChenBaiJiang, hello, your beauty is the mirror what, I say!


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