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1, soldiers asked the company commander: combat trample a landmine do? The company commander was enragedu by: depend, can do? Trample bad compensate according to the set price.

2, long ink received your information, I was very distressed an thought of death, once used chips cut over arteries and veins, USES bean curd bump, with decline umbrella head with noodles, skip floor on condole, ink, you'll please death into my meal, support dead I forget it.

3, if feel heart to dig cool dig cool, please call my phone! Talk about feelings please press 1, talking about work please click 2, about life, please press 3 for an introduction object please press 5, please I eat me straight, seek an borrow please hang machine.

4, giraffe married monkey, a year after the giraffe put forward a divorce: I never had such jumping day! The monkey is great anger: from from! Who saw kiss a mouth still have to climb trees!

5, fish said: "I'm dying to my eyes to around you not give separate." Water say: "I day flowed tireless is to curl up you good good holding you up." Pan said: "all ta mama fast ripe still so stubborn."

Six, you are grown up, and some things should let you know: the day be used for wind and rain, Land is used long flower long grass, I, is to prove that the human is huge, You are used to braise powder.

7 and in other railroad large failed to take paper, don't worry, the train will cue you: pants pants brush, brush, brush pants pants! In a river large failed to take paper, don't worry, the frog could tell you: the rod blows, the rod blows, rod rod blows!

8, money can buy a house but not a home, can buy marriage but can't buy love, but you can buy watches and clocks, but can not buy time, money is not everything, it is the root cause of suffering, and you give me the money, let me a person bear pain!

9 and god, it's blue! The sea, too salty! Life, too! Work, too bother! And you, 45 the enough to shock of your life common sense, carefully watching oh, adult nets, decree by destiny! Miss you, insomnia! See you, too far! Alas, this lets me? Think you think I full chopsticks, swallow not bowl!

10 and send you 12 zodiac, wish your intelligent, such as mouse, strong as an ox, chutzpah as tiger, lovely such as the rabbit, vain like the dragon, glamour like a snake, romantic like horses, gentle like sheep, naughty as monkey, beautiful such as chicken, devout like dogs, looks like a pig!

11, chimpanzees not alert trampled gibbon to pull of move bowels, gibbon gentleness fine heart help its scrub clean after they fell in love, the other people start to ask them is how walk to arrive together? Chimpanzees exclaimed: ape muck! Is the ape muck!

12, in the mind think a number, use it plus 52.8, again multiply 5 and minus zone 3.9343, divided by 0.5, finally minus the number of thought about 10 times, the answer is romance!

13, dear god, please bless those who do not call me, also do not preach messages to me, more not miss my friends: may the Lord put their cell phone off into the bathroom go, amen!

14, to think you read you think of you and find a painter painted you and keep you posted in a cup, drink all day looking at you -- happiness? Pour cup scalding water dead you!

15, knowledge of the United States, is to make people baffled, The beauty of poetry is instigated men and women derailment; The beauty of a woman, is stupid regrets, Men of the United States, is lying right daytime ghosts.

16, care about you I care about what I care about is whether care care about your me, I care about whether you and care about you I care what I care about you as care care about your me, small kind son, see dizzy you!

17, heard of it? The previous 500, only for this life, like a rub shoulders like you and me close friends, generation does not seem to be doing, light his mama back!

18 ` your life portrait: ten learn oneself bathe - pig self-cleaning; Twenty years old glorious shine on the person - pig simao, Thirty find work - pig business, Forty hired servant - pig must; Fifty years old learn to play basketball -- pig throw!

19 and a three-year-old boy took a three-year-old girl hand and said: "I love you." The little girl said: "you for my future negative?" The little boy said: "certainly can, we all is not 9 years old!"

20, one day, I say to you, you are a pig, you say: I am a pig just strange. So I will start call you pig just strange. Finally one day you could not help but before all loudly release: I'm not pig just strange!

21, people

Negotiations in love,

No special;


Will eat grass,

No special;


By telephone, will

Only special; and

Also on!

Is god pig!

Wow! Still can laugh!

Really really cool pig!

22, there are two words have been very want to say to you, today I mention courage: the first thing, I love you I love you, Second statement, never make the first sentence really!!!

23, eat excrement, Dian Cong, Bu increased, Jiao Shang, Huang was Wang latter, inadequate, Zong rammer plutonium, Shi adit, you know, the above words are invented myself except few, eat excrement what also can't?

24, I want to let the sun warm you, with you, with wine starlight ornament drunk you, with good food to satisfy your, with fireworks, with bright you happiness engulf you, but I do not do god has for a long time, can use to SMS bless you: every day happy!

25, if the world's pig all dead? (play a song) answer: at least you...


Warlords scale king,

Battle Peiping had marital relations, grilled

Cross the Yangtze river drink soup,

The yalu river edge fed Wolf,

At quemoy grazed eviscerated,

Self-defense backstroking scold had niang,

Transformation open swept yellow, 4.0 Flash template effect (update),

Who else can than I am crazy?

27, a mental derangement lie in bed singing, sing, turned over a body to continue to sing and the doctor ask him: you sing and then sing, turn over body stem ah? Mental derangement said: A fool, A surface finish sing of course sing B noodles!

28, nHZ! HSOM

Knew you guess,

I don't know,

You again careful see!

Also look not to come out?

You understand pinyin?

You stupid must also has a limit?

The mobile phone topsy-turvy look!

29 and girl: I always feel that your temperament with my childhood identical. Flirts: yeah, we two really decree by destiny. Girl: when I was a child I very like to lie. Flirts:...

30, today's four Daniel: lost don't give money to play CARDS and swearing, Car not to spend money also hit, Eating without pay still want to collect waiter, Connect text messages to save a dime HuiHai not!

31, with you when so long friend, you always all very care about me, but I often give you trouble, I don't know how to repay you... So... Next the horse... I will pull up weeds to eat for you...

32, miss you very much, but sorry to hit you, afraid you are busy, afraid you ignore me, afraid you feel I harassment, really want to contact you, but... Bill was very expensive, you the dozen give me!

33, if you are a meteor, I caught you condemn, if you are satellite I will wait for you, if you are stars I will crush on you and yours... You is orangutan ~ I can only see in zoos you!! Alas.. Nana: sorry!!

34, thank you in my most disappointed when accompanied with me in my most need to assist when pulled me a hand, a thousand words, just want to inform you endless v. : "since I knew you have no a good thing! You really bring failure produced!"

35, sorry ~ ~ so late has sent a message to you ~ ~ if there is noisy arrive you of words ~ ~ say a voice with you here ~ ~ what a suck ~ ~ who call you than I early sleep vivi ~ ~ ~ ha ha!!

36, met you ~ is I intend to start

Love ni ~ is wo happiness of choice

Have you ~ is my most precious wealth

Step into the red carpet ~ is my eternal power

Forever love of person ~ is you

Unfortunately ~ I preach the wrong guy

37, god sees you are thirsty, invented the water; God sees you are hungry, and invented meters; God saw that you do not have lovely friends, invented me, But also saw no idiots in the world. And by the way you create.

38, if prescribed a man's life can be good to one and 20 sit since domestic flights can bring lighters, I am willing to that person is you. My regrets, until I die! But are not prescribed... That's all!

39, think you is a happy matter! See you is a happy matter! To love you is that I want to do forever! Put you is the matter that I has been being do in the mind! However, cheat you is just produce things! Ha ha!!

40, the phone rang sound to you on behalf of my being! Two sound, on behalf of my love you! Three times, Asian adult nets, representative I love you! When the seventh sound up... Mama of, I really have an agenda, also not quick answer the phone


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