Funny those trick SMS cow all dare not pull dung

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Funny those trick SMS cow all dare not pull dung  Empty Funny those trick SMS cow all dare not pull dung

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Thank you for your willingness to listen to my complaints, because have you, can I take the unhappy all out of it! Thank you to accompany me through every minute, because of you, my life will no longer lonely! Prosperous wealth, my life has not without you!

People always easy because life busy, increasing multiplicity, Send this message just want to remind you that this friend: in the distance someone in silently care about you and bless you, conveniently harassing your!

I walk through many ways, After many; bridge Drink many kinds of wine; Have seen many kind of flower, But only harassment, one is the person who is reading.

Is fate let us meet each other, Is the ideal let us work together, Is sincere let we trust each other, Is love makes us interdependence; Is to send this message harassment!

Although your body spray the cologne, but I can still smell faintly scum flavor.

You are just one person in the practice love object rather than love object.

If you flowers, later cow all dare not pull muck!

Want to get rich, you simply have more to chant buddhist scripture after every night MaNi MaNi read: oh GouMaiHong... Usable also English read aloud: "ALLMONEYGOMYHOME!" As long as the hard work, the chant very spirit!

Tortoise: if it weren't for old online, I this face also won't green with screen saver similar! Octopus: if it weren't for old smoking, I also can't nasty will vomit a smoke turn! Frog: if it weren't for old see a message, I this mouth wouldn't landgent such!

You are the sun in my mind, but it began to rain, You are in my heart, but the moon is cloudy, You is a celestial charng-er fell to the earth, but face first hit the ground...

The rich, the an don't quit, an late every day, and leaving early wear shorts vest slippers work, let they literally clasp! I want to buy two BMW, a car saying a car pseudo-angelic-looking group, an in the middle ride a bicycle, also with you!

I generally don't give a person easily text messaging, every receives me messages of sharing weal and woe "the man. So the roof or KouTou three darfur and worship, long live after 3 breathe out PingShen! Also nothing, just I miss you, retreat!

I hope I can live everyday number big pair of bill of life, result is really efficacy: when I graduated in bank work; portion Later, I wish I could open a bank, the results also realization, I was sent to see the bank door!

Congratulations you has been in U.S. cattle fine university department of WenHuaBan admit no savage, please bring together your dementia, strange difficult because of acute to nine road is rush toward street TieDa? No big American excrement museum reported.

You a have excrement since the heaviest dung quantity gift, you would be certain big eat 1 catty, even more satisfied contain, such as feel dung quantity insufficient still please help yourself!

You grow true not enough skillful, nose like greaseball, Eyes are like chili, Eyebrows resemble two knives; Walking unsteadily aren, Like crab blacked out.

You said you in my stay here less than warm, not on the day of well-fed glut, follow a rich man ran to pull, I had to the pain in my heart, buried bless you "huang, no flesh back

You grow really enough beauty, rat eyes, pig arch mouth, speaks spit, like toilet flood!

You fart, earthquake, such a high building collapse into the ground, so thick steel tube slides so thin, really celebrated very smelly fart!


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