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The funniest network sayings Empty The funniest network sayings

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The funniest network sayings

Be networked language, bring us philosophy also brings a humorous, happy.

1, make more friends always good! If there is any unhappy things, a meeting, you can speak to have fun with them once!

2, if at night without party, you can also enjoyment: hand cut wire spark along with melee lightning!

3, but please remember: lack health and life insurance, after dark, do not easily heroic!!

4, for emotional, we want to natural and unrestrained. But not -- hands in pockets, who is not love!

5, handle feelings, we must flat and agile. So-called hand, will the son towed away. Son say not to go, okay, close the door put a dog!

Six, don't Mired in a relationship, remember: a cannot extricate oneself, except the teeth and love

7, brokenhearted will cheer up, don't cry and make, night night not sleeping, hand take a small bottle of tablets, rope to commit suicide by hanging!

8, want to remain single was not difficult, difficult is just to cope with those seeking to want to let you end single people

9, for some boring people, might as well send him 1: "again vexed I, I will get you bind grass on the boat borrow arrow go to!"

10, for some more rogue, gave him 1: "please don't take me to your tolerance, as you shameless of capital!"

11 and the marriage also keep optimistic, though marriage is the grave of love, but can have love is better than BaoShi street is much better!

12, they will progress, and occasionally learn geomantic, after the death of a good tomb also calculate before can't afford good room makes up the regret!

13, we also learn how to maintain, don't do real MengShi, have the courage to face your not makeup face!

14, because when young, we usually blunt faces in the mirror. When you are old, mirror always square!

15, you will understand oneself life the script - it's not your parents' sequel, not your children prequel, more is not your friend's outer articles.

16 and wish every teacher can find love her duguan, spoiled rather she, and cherish her, consideration for her, and protect her, lifetime to hear her a person to chant buddhist scripture...

17, in the end, I wish everyone happy... Happiness is the cat ate fish, dog meat, Ferdinand ossendowski dozen small monster, Happiness is you eat fish, I eat meat, watching others chew bones!

BianHouYu: humor bring happiness, let us together sunned himself are familiar with the network language!


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