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Laugh decade less

1. Yesterday receive a QQ request add buddy information: "I am your mama", I immediately return to sentence "I am your father!" And give refused, and then from my mom telephone said: "add me, quick!"

2. Bachelor festival eve receive my message "wish you happy faher" bachelor me back a: I have a girlfriend, I am not a bachelor! Again a: you receive this message, you already.

3. I on the bus put a fart,

See side in succession, waving expression pain,

I also flick.

The lady twisted beside say to me: you are not install.

4. My wife and I go to pass area play, wife road, so I can't move back to her. A woman saw it, serious said: see you also read books. The wife sick or go early hospital, worshipping Buddha is trashy.

5. Play at friend's house, I happened to a friend wife were nursing (milk), happened happened to child refused to eat for the child, and milk jokes, eating quickly, otherwise uncle eat.

6. The day before yesterday I boss, a man, and really understand like, in my computer back to watch along while and said "xiao ke, you also vegetables? It's work time!"

I took the charge GuaZiPi... Chou Chou he

Say "zhang, this is my desktop, have you seen any of the vegetable lands stood super Mary?"

7. Brother when taking the bus, killing a pretty girl always looked him. Brother thought: the girl may to oneself, can not help psychological alacrity interesting. Girl arrive station to get off. Brother looked at with down immediately. The girl went in front and occasionally to look back. Brother get up the courage to run forward, not humor to chat up way: "young lady, why do you always see me? My face had meal LiEr ah?" Girl stared at him to say: "you sick? Proactively doesn't wipe."

8. Bedroom at the 6th floor, climb the discovery after keys without, come downstairs asked aunt take, then climb down keys, open the door, also climb again, he found the door closed, next to a classmate after, ask yue "see your door not closed, I help you shut." ...

9. Evening girlfriend said that I was too niang, I be very testy, like she quarrelling, the original is to appear a little man, result end control crying.

10. A the elder brothers summon up courage to MM deep feeling on the QQ vindicate, while MM reply: I'm her mother, I am here to steal food.

11. Female classmate birthday, four of us to discuss zero send a "happy birthday" to her, one hair a word, I received a second. As a result, they are not out.

12. Students break to the toilet, finish pull found he had no paper, and can't wait to owe a fee, cellular phone again. Despair he gave 10086 call, ask for help... Said there is a long silence, then... His classmates during class received this message: respect of China mobile users hello, your classmates who who who in the toilet, let you give him a toilet paper. For details, please 10086 consultation

13. Morning saw a netease comments

First floor: calm some, all came over, listen to the fifth floor how to say?

The second floor: I think the fifth floor said very reasonable.

The third floor: the fifth floor tell the people's aspirations

The fourth floor: the fifth floor do say of good!

The fifth floor: upstairs is SB

14.1955 years China's per capita income is Korea, Japan's 3.2 times 1.1 times. But after 50 years "earth-shaking" growth in 2008, China's per capita income is Japan's 3%, South Korea 7%.

15. Morning fine brawley company homepage, see above new hanged a recruitment content, boring point once, dismay found his post impressively in column...

16. The north wind that blows classmates are a mother and her daughter combination, the girl was good, and after a fierce ideological struggle, the north wind classmate followed them in a parking lot, finally made moves.

The north wind: aunt, hello!

Mom: yeah...

The north wind: yes, I'd like to know your daughter.

Mum: she is my daughter-in-law ~

The north wind there and then faint, girl's face flushed with anger, mother is very open-minded, "boy, still pretty well with courage, hehe..."

After her mother-in-law 2 people drive away.

17. There is a bedroom, said this wma chemical who is ah, I MP3 in many songs are he sings

18. Class teacher roll call: "b.parameter!" Results the child loudly back: "yeah!" The teacher very angry: "why not say 'to'?" The child said, "read the word" Ye '..." .

19. This day, I have suddenly found see.i really miss, two, four, five aunt aunt aunt, but no three aunt. So he went and asked my dad: why I don't three chiam? Heart still thought once: isn't three chiam when they are young is dead? My dad says: you three chiam is your mama!

20. Think boyfriend and a joke, pretend from his bed found out a ladies underwear (actually it's my), and then began to question him, he refused to accept, unexpectedly later in my CD, unexpectedly embrace me began to admit it.

21. Netease hubei yichang netizen [7] (221.233. *. *) of the original post:

Once I and husband quarreled heart very uncomfortable, while the husband sleeping when I squatted in his head upper part ready to put a fart to his smell good coalbed, who anticipate overexert direct shit pulled in his face.

22. The man on business outside, suddenly home in the doorway, hear men snores, male of silent go away, a text message to wife: get a divorce.

Three years later his wife and he said: when is rising little lion!

23. Once the bell class all want to go home, down the stairs when I stepped on his left foot himself, "pa" with big fonts posture dropped on the road central.. I was thinking: wrong, pretty, I pretend dizzy.

Results beside my classmate see I motionless, hurriedly lift me, then open crazy fans I face about...

24. A classmate, his computer every morning will automatically boot (estimates because dormitory morning when a call for an instant flung wide).

The results of his old man's house took one operator affixed on the computer.

25. Dad's most kan buguan foreign singer. But one day, I was watching mike. Jackson's MTV, emergedthat dad stood behind watching, a face of deep expression. "Daddy, you also like to watch this?"

Dad shook his head. "MaoAMin is more and more ugly."

26. A female friend and a gay rent a house. One night she was so depressed that gay very thoughtful gave her down the noodles. She suddenly feel very warm, he said: "what if we so patchy lane accept." Unexpectedly gay facial expression is big to change: 'you no man want, I can have! "

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