Five very funny joke

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Five very funny joke Empty Five very funny joke

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Five very funny joke

1. The CEO is dad repaired, he went to find mom bitterness: "mommy, if someone strikes you son you meeting how?" Mother: "I'll call his son vengeance!" CEO: "..."

2. Father-son two people take the bus.

Son: dad, what time to arrive?

Father: stopped comes.

Son: when to stop?

Father: arrived stopped.

3. A boy has a crush on a girl found courage to ask the girl like what kind of guy

"The" girl answer, sincere.and even asked several times are the same answer

The boy discouraged way: "head flat line not line".

4. MouJun was practicing ride bicycle, here comes a pedestrian, MouJun panic, shout loudly: "stop! Stop!" Pedestrian a stare blankly quickly stop. ZenNai MouJun riding the pedestrian poor or flat. Pedestrian arose great anger: "you still call me stop! How are you aiming isn't!"

5. The doctor asked the patient is how fracture, answer: I think there was some sand in the shoe, just to hold the poles shoes, I shook and shake shake...! Have personal thought that I got an electric shock, and start to copy wuto gave me two bonzi.

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