Let the teacher crazy qing-shan answers

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Let the teacher crazy qing-shan answers  Empty Let the teacher crazy qing-shan answers

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Let the teacher crazy qing-shan answers

After 90s true strong! Let the teacher crazy qing-shan answer to the university entrance exam, the college entrance examination examination after another. Questions are various and oval is multifarious also. Admire students now ah, thinking jump, imagination, and our rules of that time, the difference is too big, ha ha. See a group of Chinese papers of fill-in-the-blank questions -

1. __________, the Iraqi people to wave gadites gaunt students answer: take off your solution end hua (positive solutions for "my end is not wide", I admit the is thought have a problem)

2 q canal which rightly madly, __________ students answer: I owned qingquan (positive solutions for the "only origin", the za or and water stick a side ~ ~ ~)

3. What were cut when the west window candle, __________ students answer: a couple sitting to tianming language teacher when reading in the classroom after smile dizzy. Said this, again dizzy! Positive solutions for "but words like") of bashan

4. PiFu shake the tree, __________ students answer: motionless (positive solutions for "ridiculous". BuZiLiang motionless, rh very accord with the facts o)

5. Gentleman __________ classmate answer: good merits, took a person love (SIMS directly faint)

6. Poor is the world, __________ students answer: rich or the wife qie large groups (positive solutions to the cut-up) :

7. __________, world who doesn't know jun students answer: only seemingly | | | sweat saddam (...).

8. The temple beauty, __________ three thousand students answer: iron stick will also grinding needle ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ (positive solutions for "three doter is in the whole body")

9. Body has colourful feng double fly wing, __________ students answer: pull MAO chicken be still a classmate phoenix both husband and wife home also answer: (positive solutions for "heart ACTS upon mind")

10. Sunrise east west rain, __________ students answer: the head of a bed fight bed end close and a classmate answer: top wrong sedan marry to lang

11. __________, dump the wife of hall of students answer: not loving who don't go to bed (Chinese teacher rage!)

12. Might be long, __________ students answer: a planet ever spread (then laugh wildly, now feel pretty classic. Positive solutions for toasts)"

13. Cisse piedmont egrets fly, __________ students answer: east village river climbed the tortoise (right quite neatly)

14. I beseech god heavy __________ classmate answer: vigorous and weather shouted at me three roar (positive solutions for the promising drop talents ", gong zizhen)

15. There is a miracle, __________ students answer: critical moment show shentong and students answer: mouse son can make hole (the whole office language teacher collective no image of laugh wildly)

16. Romance days old, also __________ students answer: the person isn't romantic waste young! (positive solutions for "months without hate month long round" LiHe "golden copper celestials lexically han song)

17. Luoyang relatives and friends, such as phase asked __________ students answer: please don't tell him (positive solutions for "one ice heart in YuHu")

18. The final exam is a scrolls, top allied hero newsstands Friday this ising a classmate to bottom allied: old niang feng yun especially deposit

19. Good medicine tastes bitter, __________ students answer: don't eat is big fools are mortal, __________ students answer: just dead have successively (ending: parents after the meeting by teachers stay grizzles bird..."

20. Bed before Ming moonlight, __________ students answer: li bai sleep sweet

21. How, __________ students answer: scared me (ha ha ha! Positive solutions is evidenced ") as"

22. __________, flying into the average homes students answer: konka television. Color tyrants

23. Its fullness, wine __________ students answer: money beauty one pile

24. __________ and pedestrian rains fall heavily as qingming comes from a junior high school's masterpiece: after midnight ghost knocking at the door

25. Still have times of "I can't test tao yuanming compromised your character to obtain it," classmate fill is "give me six measures can"...

26. Expand the love of the old man, __________ students answer: wife my wife and people's wife (teacher said that classmate later quandary is particularly dedication, ha ha)

27. Think that year, Beijing, __________ students answer: see today, dead lousy dozen (positive solutions for very WanLiRu tiger ")"

28. The fifth grade exam tests to "three tetes, __________" students answer: stink alike (the monitors and outside the headmaster laughing out loud)

29. 7th grade student to pairs, "climb on city baiyun mountain in your arms, between pulls __________" students answer: I got to the hotel to hold to bed (miss his Chinese teacher almost died on the spot vomiting blood)

30. Two if love long, __________ students answer: this is two people get married

31. Sink a ship sails, lateral pictureque __________ students answer: a peacock train pattern

32. Books to hate less, __________ -though square students answer: money until the end of the month is not enough

33 days if sentient days also __________ classmate answer: old, if a man love dead early (positive solutions for "months without hate month long round")

34 are mortal, __________ students answer: who is shit don't take paper (no language.

35. Once the ru meng ling, "li qingzhao test know? Know? The last" students answer: SORRYI, DON 'TKNOW... (positive solutions for "should be green manure red thin")

36) how times exam lu xun one sentence: "the last of my blood spattered shaft" students answer: he inserted with his knife confront me

37. Language examination, a revolution in the blanks poem: "for people in and out of doors locked, ________________, a voice Shouting" I am grateful to my desire for freedom, but human body from the tunnel is how dog crawled out..." Classmate a: for dogs climbed out of the hole is locked/fuck, are locked!

38. The long-running controversial classmates always feeling, seas: give a branch to answer not (batch book teacher to 1: affection is feeling, points is points, give a points are not)

39. The tall, a monthly examination, the sentence "laughed out of doors and mt.huandshan (positive solutions) or is a realistic PengHao person". The class are written carelessly twist to the loins. :

And of course, "the sentence:" clear water gives lotus, (positive solutions) natural go vulture act the role ofing ". Someone wrote a lotus root; silt, And people more unique, write: chaotic hero

40. Ask her to have much to worry, the last students answer: like a pot of spirit erguotou (teacher batch "you again drink many..."

41. I am grateful to, not near stream, do not know the thick also; (our class language test us a lot of boy wrote together "don't fly, don't know it is the height"!


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