A smile pain belly idiot level blackmail

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A smile pain belly idiot level blackmail Empty A smile pain belly idiot level blackmail

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A smile pain belly idiot level blackmail

Dear Mr. X:

Perhaps you would oddness, this son how mix so, went home for three days, say with you oh, your son in my hand, please as soon as possible of preparation of 100 million to me, perhaps you still have words, can give more, I will be also very happy.

As for your son, I not oppress him, he asked me to write the letter said he actually prefer this my elder brother, he says u bald and very stingy, don't buy toys for him. I help your son bought several transformers, still send him a bicycle, these are expensive, in addition to the original ransom besides, I want you to buy these things pay 5000 zero 48 dollars give I.

But I think although your son don't like you, as a dad you still want to care for your son, this is the person to work of truth, so you still should the kid to redeem it. If you give me over 100 million, I would put your son, but if you don't give it, I don't know what to do, so please you must certainly give money to me.

Write here, you son call I must subsection, education level is not high, I don't understand, you son still scold me is an idiot, I was very angry, and want to beat him, but again dozen however he. Your son spends too much money, also said don't intend to return, the child very terrible, only ten years old yeah, could it be that you education mode is not correct, Mr. X, later need to pay more attention?

Rightness, all off the track, Mr. X, I want to say, the redeemed money you ready to please contact me by phone, the night I telephone is 2XXXoXXX, if cannot find, can dozen my cellular phone, I 09X9 - mobile phone number is xxxoxx, or directly to my house downstairs presses a bell, my address is XX county XX road section x x x x roadway floor. I will personally down take money, then took the child back to you.

Good, I also don't know what to write, because I heel you again not familiar, not many words good chat, so this wish you FuRuDongHai south mountain! So, goodbye!

Ps: rightness, your son is prick, he said he doesn recall your home really address, I afraid would send fault, if seeing believed this personage is not Mr. X words, please help me to once! I appreciate!

The kidnapper y Mr

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